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JMO Audit & Research Database


The JMO Audit Database provides a list of audits for each speciality, that any interested JMO can get involved in. These audit ideas have all been suggested by each department and can be an individual or group effort. Please message the innovations team if you are interested in one of the audits and we will help coordinate it for you.


The PIIMS system aims to deliver positive messages to JMOs from other JMOs via a text page or email to help spread positivity and boost spirit amongst us. Your submission will be reviewed by a moderator from the RNSH RMOA Innovations team who will then send it the nominated JMO. Your submissions can also be anonymous. We will be sending out PIIMs on Monday fortnightly- so please look out for those text pages or emails!

JMO Consult Handbook

The consult handbook was designed to provide guidance and assist junior doctors to have the information necessary to make consultations to other specialities. Find the handbook on our useful documents page or click on the link below.


The JMO Orientation Manual for newly commencing interns at RNSH ensures new doctors are provided with the skills they need specific to life on the RNSH wards. Find the handbook on our useful documents page or click on the link below.

JMO Morbidity & Mortality Meetings


We aim to run regular Morbidity and Mortality meetings focusing on issues relevant to JMOs. They are held during Wednesday Intern & Resident teaching and focus on the systems and processes of care, not on individual performance. These meetings are run by any interested JMO who will reflect on the management of their patient(s). If you are interested in running a Morbidity and Mortality meeting, please message the innovations team and we will help coordinate it for you.

Rescue Residents

Healthcare is complex and with hospital staff rotating through terms and networks it can be difficult to get the hands on advice you need. We are breaking down the barriers that stop interns from asking for help by making an easily identifiable taskforce of approachable residents. Get quick practical advice about a medical dilemma or turn to a friendly face when you need one most. Keep a look out for the Rescue Resident lanyard!!

RMO Crash Course


The RMO Crash Course is a program designed to help interns transition into residents. Advanced trainees and registrars from different specialities teach interns about topics of their choice, which in the past has included managing dialysis and renal transplant patients, cardiology clinical reviews and rapid responses & oncological emergencies. 

Ambulatory Care Direct Appointment Line


The dedicated extension for doctors contacting Ambulatory Care for bookings has meant a huge time saving and improvement in efficiency.

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